How far in advance do I need to schedule my appointment?

A:) Miami Lotus Massage can accommodate by appointment only, however, whenever possible we prefer as much advance notice as possible. The more time we have to assign your therapist, the more flexibility we have to find the therapist we feel is the best fit for your specific needs.

What kind of spa packages do you offer?

A:) We offer :
Swedish massage with hot stones
Swedish massage with stretch session
Swedish massage with parafin treatment

Shiatsu massage with stretch session
Shiatsu massage with parafin treatment

Couples massage
Group massage up to 3 guests.

We are here to do everything possible to ensure that you get the massage you want. Please let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to find the right therapist to accommodate your specific needs.

Who are the therapists you work with?

A:) Our therapists are all licensed by the State of Florida and possess personal liability insurance. They undergo a rigorous screening process, which includes both an oral and practical interview, in order for us to evaluate their character and skill level. We only contract therapists who we would be happy to pay to work on us (something we often do!).

Is your “one-hour” massage really just 50 minutes?

A:) Absolutely not! One hour means one hour! You will receive 60 minutes on the table. If you feel that you have received a minute less, please call the office and let us know.

How do I prepare for my massage? What will the therapist bring?

A:) All you need to do is make sure you have space for the therapist to set up the massage table and be able to work around it (about 6’ to 7’ in length and 4’ in width). Your therapist will bring all the supplies needed, including massage oil and/or lotion (most therapists carry both but if you require one or the other please let us know in advance), sheets and towels. If you would like to make a special request such as music or candles, please inform the appointment coordinator helping you.

Once your therapist has prepared the table for you, he or she will allow you the privacy to disrobe to your comfort level and position yourself on the table underneath a sheet or towel. Our therapists use professional draping techniques, so your privacy will be respected at all times.

I hate when a therapist talks during the massage. I just want to relax. How can I avoid this?

A:) Usually this goes without saying, however if you have this concern, or ANY other, please be sure to let your appointment coordinator know and we will pass the instructions on to the therapist. That is what we are here for!

What about tipping?

A:) If you are satisfied with your service, it is customary to offer a gratuity to your massage therapist. Tip as you would at a restaurant – 15% to 20%, or more for exceptional service.

I would like to have massage regularly. How can Miami Lotus Massage help me with this?

A:) First, we have package pricing available to lower the cost of massages when purchased in advance. Check our prices page for details.

Second, the great thing about working with Miami Lotus Massage is that you can always try another therapist! Some people find one massage therapist they love, and stick with them forever. Others like to try different therapists from time to time. With Miami Lotus Massage, you have all the options; we are here to be of service to you.


$99 Couples Hot Stone Massage.

Call or Text for Availability.